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My name is S.C. Jensen. I’m a Canadian writer, living in northern Saskatchewan. I primarily write speculative fiction–that can be anything from sci-fi and fantasy to literary slipstream–but I do occasionally branch into other genres.

I began writing fiction in my early twenties after dropping out of my Art History program at the University of British Columbia. I had planned to get into Art Restoration, but had failed the necessary chemistry courses and run out of money. I was working at a soul-sucking retail job. Without access to my own vehicle or public transit I was at the mercy of my boyfriend’s work schedule. He would drop me off, often hours before my shift started, at a coffee shop where I had nothing to do but sit with my own thoughts. This was before smartphones, of course.

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So I brought a notebook, and I started to write.

It would be years before I got out of the retail grind. I was young, broke, and floating around without purpose or direction. I did eventually finish my degree; I went back to study English Literature and minored in Visual Arts. I went on to marry, have children, start a business, own a home.

Somewhat miraculously, and no small thanks to the unyielding support of my husband, I continued to write.

My first book, The Timekeepers’ War (Bedlam Press, 2014 - currently out of print) came out when my twins were only six months old. Shortly after, we had another child. I struggled to balance life as a wife, mother, and writer. I didn’t have the time to commit to novels when my children were babies, but I managed to steal minutes and hours here and there. I focused on the short story and continued to practice my craft. 

Those early years of disillusionment continue to haunt my writing, though. This theme shows up in my work more than almost any other. My characters are often displaced and directionless, floating through life without purpose. Sometimes they find what they are looking for, and sometimes they don’t.

Writing has given my life a purpose and direction beyond that of simply “wife” and “mother.”

But sometimes I still feel as lost as my characters. I have battled depression and anxiety, and overcome a toxic relationship with alcohol. I’m still finding my way through life. I write stories for readers who are also seeking to find their own path, to discover who they are. In this way, I hope to help readers feel less alone in the world. I am right there with you. Together we can explore fantastic worlds, laugh, cry and scream into the void.

Sometimes it might get a little weird. I like weird! It makes me feel alive.

In the end, if nothing else, I hope to share some entertaining stories and let you escape from those big life questions for a few hours.

I’d love to hear from you! If you have anything you’d like to ask or share with me, please email me at

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