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Dirty jobs call for dirty dames. But this is a bit much…

Dames for Hire is the first stand alone mystery novella in the HoloCity Case Files series, a companion collection to the Bubbles in Space series. This is sci-fi noir for fans of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett, dark and gritty, with a healthy dose of acerbic humor.

Dirty jobs call for dirty dames. But this is a bit much...

After a suspicious accident costs her a career, an arm, and nearly her life, Bubbles Marlowe needs all the help she can get.

When a friend asks her to do a little dirty work on the side, Bubbles isn't prepared for just how dirty it's going to get. An arrogant scientist, a young heiress, a gambling king pin, and a few too many hired guns...

Can Bubbles finish the case before it finishes her?

HoloCity's femme fatales are out in full force in this cybernoir detective thriller. And these dames don't mess around.

Bubbles in Space is a darkly funny mashup for fans of space opera, cyberpunk, and hard-boiled noir thrillers. Delve into the secrets of this gritty future world, and buckle up for an adventure full of unusual characters, dark humour, and non-stop action.

Dames for Hire

HoloCity Case Files



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