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One wrong move and she’ll been feedin’ the fishes…

One wrong move, and she'll be feedin' the fishes...

When Bubbles Marlowe discovers a jaw-dropping bounty on a pair of stolen diamonds, she agrees to find the jewels and bring the thief to justice.

But she soon realizes she’s not the only one after the infamous ice, and the competition is brutal.

The case takes a turn for the depraved when she finds out the true reason the diamonds were stolen.

By the time she gets wise, she’s in way over her head…

Neon Goldfish is the third stand alone mystery novella in the HoloCity Case Files series, a companion collection to the Bubbles in Space series.

Bubbles in Space is a darkly funny mashup for fans of space opera, cyberpunk, and hard-boiled noir thrillers. Delve into the secrets of this gritty future world, and buckle up for an adventure full of unusual characters, dark humour, and non-stop action.

Neon Goldfish

HoloCity Case Files



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