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A Colorful Collection of SmartyPants' Best

You are an explorer in a galaxy of worlds...

...with countless stories to delve into or even just try out.

Inside, you are the rescuer of the kitten who rescues you right back. You are the citizen making a life-or-death decision. You are the teenager experiencing her first bite. Drama. Mystery. Romance. Heartwarming fiction. Gut-twisting decisions. We gathered the best stories from multiple genres to create a kaleidoscopic collection of short fiction.

From award-winning authors to fresh new voices, worlds of discovery, adventure, and heartbreak are at your fingertips.

Whether your tastes lie in blood red horror, green soothing family dramas, or night-black satire, there is a color--and a story--for you.

What's a good story?

If it's one that transports you into a different life, a different world, a different time, then we have 28 of the best.

Get comfortable and explore the range and breadth of SmartyPants authors painting stories with words. Fall in love, or be terrified and intrigued with the characters brought to life in these pages. Come celebrate how varied the spectrum of storytelling can be!

Whether you buy right away or you "Look Inside", we know you'll find a story that speaks to you, immerses you, and seduces you into the colorful hallucinations of a well-told story.





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