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Indie Feature Friday: Aurora Chronicles by Armon Mikal

Cyberpunk Book Review

Looking for a light, quick read for the weekend? I've got you covered!

I am so far behind on my book reviews... But I have been reading lots and I will get them all posted eventually.

I wanted to share this little double feature with you before the weekend. Armon Mikal's A Shot in the Dark - a prequel short story for the Aurora Chronicles series - and Like Shadows in the Night (Aurora Chronicles #1).

I finished this duo a couple of months ago, and I am eagerly awaiting the release of the next book.

The Aurora Chronicles are perfect for readers who like fast-paced, action-packed sci-fi with an oppressively brooding cyberpunk atmosphere.

A Shot in the Dark (FREE on Amazon!) is a quick read that gives us a little back story into Ezekiel Aurora, a contrabands runner in the cyberpunk megacity, Luckhaven.

Zeke wants nothing more than to be trusted with a big run, the kind of thing that could make his career and earn him the respect of the most powerful players in the city's underworld.

But when he finally gets his wish, Zeke realizes that even the best runners are disposable. When the job turns deadly, Zeke must decide how deep his loyalties lie.

Fresh from the aftermath of A Shot in the Dark, Zeke's story continues in Like Shadows in the Night, a crisp, pacy little novel with dual POVs, alternating between Zeke and a young orphan girl named Delila.

The two end up investigating the same crime when Zeke is sent to retrieve data stolen from a megacorporation and Delila discovers children being sold to the same company. As the conspiracy they reveal begins to unravel, Zeke and Delila end up fighting for their lives against the company's hit squad.

This is pure, guilty pleasure cyberpunk action at its finest. The characters are engaging, the setting is immersive, and Mikal does a wonderful job of weaving the two stories together.

And the twist at the end of Book 1 sets up the direction of the rest of the series nicely! I won't give any spoilers, but let's just say I don't envy Zeke the choices he will have to make in Book 2!

I give both these titles ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 🦾 --> Which means it's an easy, accessible cyberpunk read for those new to the genre, and a satisfyingly familiar read for those grizzled cyberpunk veterans. Have fun, and have a great weekend!

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