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Last Call for Pre-Orders! Get your copy of Bubbles in Space #3 <i>Pop ‘Em Up</i> Today!


The hardest part of being an indie writer is keeping track of all the promotional and marketing things around new releases…

So here’s trying!

The story thus far…

Sales of Bubbles in Space #1 Tropical Punch, and #2 Chew ‘Em Up, have been going strong with both books staying in the Top 100 of Amazon’s Crime and Mystery Science Fiction category since the last release.

It’s a small but mighty category and I’m proud to be well placed in it!

Tropical Punch has gathered nearly 100 reviews–95 at the time of posting– which is mind-boggling to me. My previous best was 34, lol

Only Three Weeks Until Launch Day!

Bubbles in Space #3 Pop ‘Em One is complete and with my editor for its final revisions. It’s already more than 25% longer than the first two books.

I’m really digging into Bubbles’ character arc in this book. Her development extends over the whole series, and with Book 3 being the centerpiece of the 5 book story arc, it was an emotionally intense book to write!

When I did the first re-read, still high on completion, I really felt like it was the best book I’ve ever written. You know, I might be slightly biased. Still, I was feeling pretty good.

And then, early reviewers have said the same thing!!

Now, I just can’t wait for it to land in your hot little hands…

If you’re as excited about it as I am (impossible!) I hope you’ll consider pre-ordering a copy so that the mysterious algorithms maybe be appeased and Amazon doesn’t throw me off the mythical cliff of obscurity…

I don’t know if that’s a thing. But I’ve heard stories.

What I do know is that I need 25 more pre-orders to meet my completely arbitrary personal goal for this release!

You have the power to set my happy little author heart a-fire!

Click here to go to your regional Amazon store!

I will update again with details on the launch when I have them.

Thank you so much for your support!

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