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A Rhapsody of Short Fiction

Ever considered driving a piano? No? How about moving one? Or learning to play? The authors of these twenty-two captivating stories explore these thoughts and more, making us laugh, cry, love, and cringe in equal measure.

Characters from the past, present, and future pull us through their lives, loves, crimes, and passions.

Join children in their games, adults with their busy lives, families in turmoil, and the elderly with it all behind them.

Ranging from heart-wrenching to heart-lifting, peaceful to horrific, this anthology of short fiction reaches across genres with one common theme: the piano.

This collection presents an international assembly of carefully selected, emerging authors who entertain, enchant, and enrich the world with their creativity and insight.

Consider their tales a taste of more to come from a new generation of talented writers.

The authors are: Akira Fuyuno, Michaela Eastman McCoin, Misha Pinkhasov, Isabelle Yuen, Paul Toritto, Wayne Meyers, Lee Diogeneia, Shauna Philp, Vickey Bagg, S. C. Jensen, Bry Jackson Wood, Eric Wheeler, Mary Grossett, MaFer Glez, Lazarus Gray, Clint Davis, Elaine Manning, P. J. Mayhair, Deacon Gray, Janel Comeau and Heather Grossart.

Opus 22




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