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You win some, you lose some. And sometimes you lose everything.

Bubbles Marlowe gave up the only life she knew in order to protect her best friend. But when her plan goes horribly wrong, the cyborg detective makes a gut-wrenching realization.

She will never save Rae. Not by herself.

Two power-hungry organizations battle for control of Rae’s mind – and the critical secrets locked inside. They don’t care that extracting those secrets will kill her.

In league with a rogue android, a cyber-witch, and a professional killer, Bubbles and her team must rise up against the giants in a daring attempt to seize control from the monstrous corporations that rule their world.

But as she explores the darkest recesses of a city she thought she knew, she uncovers something so twisted and corrupt than she wonders if their world is worth saving at all...

Pop'em One

Bubbles in Space



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