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She let him get away. Now she has to put him down.

Bubbles Marlowe thought she could handle anything HoloCity threw at her. But when a rogue scientist goes missing, the cyborg detective has no choice but follow him out of the world she knows, to a distant city even darker than her own.

Nathanial Price left a trail of bodies in his wake when he fled, and Bubbles blames herself for every one of them. With the blood of his victims on her hands, she’ll do anything to track him down and bring him to justice.

But one of her allies has a secret that could betray them all, and this black-hearted city has mysteries of its own. As Bubbles begins to unravel the lies, she makes an ugly discovery that binds her to this brutal new world.

This time she might not be able to escape…

Spit'em Out

Bubbles in Space



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