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Indie Feature Friday: DAUGHTER OF THE CYBER DRAGONS by C.T. Phipps

Cyberpunk Book Review

Greetings, Indie Cyberpunk lovers!

I have another fun feature read for you this week. Daughter of the Cyber Dragons by C.T. Phipps!

I have reviewed Phipps' Agent G series here before, and if you enjoyed the spy-fy stylings of Case aka Agent G, you will have a blast with Daughter of the Cyber Dragons.

Our favourite cyborg James Bond returns as a side character in the story of Kei Springs, a "rider" (mercenary delivery girl) in the tongue-in-cheek neon dystopia of New Los Angeles.

Phipps' signature humour, and self-referential pop-culture meta-commentary is out in full force, giving Daughter of the Cyber Dragons a fun and sassy satirical edge.

Kei, as much as she'd like to just be a rider without any added complications, has a past she can't quite leave behind her. Drug addiction, family issues, and the urge to look out for herself before anyone else make her an interesting and sympathetic protagonist.

I enjoyed her interactions with Case, and the easter eggs Phipps has left for fans of the Agent G series.

The plot is fast-paced and action-packed, and would make a fantastic action movie!

It's definitely a book for fans of the cyberpunk genre. Phipps loves to play with tropes and spin them in unexpected ways, making nods to the classics along the way.

If you love movies, music, and pop culture, you'll love all the jokes and references sprinkled throughout.

Kei was a refreshing change of protagonist from the moody and broody Case, and the two characters complement each other well. I'm curious to see how Kei grows and evolves as a character now that some of the lies holding together her past have begun to unravel.

This is a familiar count-down-to-destruction style plot that I know action lovers are going to dig, and the character dynamics make for a fun and interesting twist on some of the genre expectations.

If you take your cyberpunk very seriously and don't like to have fun poked at your favourite things, maybe skip this one (also if you're sensitive about people blasting your political views). As always with Phipps' writing, no one is safe from criticism, legs and fingers will be pulled, and beliefs and values will be tested.

Phipps always managers to sneak some philosophical questions into his off-the-wall characters' dialogue, and there's always something to think about along the way.

This is a light enough read to appeal to readers who are new to cyberpunk, but the jokes and references throughout are best enjoyed by the connoisseur. I'll let you decide where you fall on that spectrum!

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